Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss
Many people from the West Richland, Washington area come to Dr. Earl Fox at Greater Columbia Bariatric Surgeons seeking help with weight loss. Medical weight loss services form an important component of Dr. Fox’s scope of practice, and he has helped many patients transform their lives.
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Medical Weight Loss

What is medical weight loss, and how is it different from any other type of weight loss?

Medical weight loss is a program of weight reduction that is supervised by highly trained medical professionals. It is a service provided to individuals who have specific goals surrounding weight management and who are motivated to follow a plan to reach those goals. All weight loss is a personal matter and it’s unique to each individual. However, medical weight loss programs offer individuals the guidance and support of skilled professionals, which can make it easier to stay on track and gain positive results.

Traditional weight loss methods include a vast array of diets, many types of exercise programs, and a number of other approaches. Some people are able to reach their goals using these efforts, but many find traditional weight loss a frustrating and unrewarding experience.

What services are included in a medical weight loss program?

The process begins with an individualized weight loss consultation, during which the patient will discuss their past weight loss efforts and their current set of goals. Once the program is underway, patients can expect to receive education on weight loss topics, as well as a highly structured and customized weight loss plan of action. Each patient’s journey will be unique, but the available tools include meal replacement options, pharmacological therapy, behavioral therapy and other options to make the journey easier.

Is medical weight loss an easier path to a healthy weight and lifestyle?

While a medically supervised weight loss program offers a wide range of programs that can help patients achieve lasting weight loss, it is important to understand that there is no program that can provide results without a concerted effort on the part of the individual who is trying to lose weight. Medical weight loss offers individuals a chance to take advantage of the skills and expertise of a number of medical professionals as they move forward on their weight loss path. But nothing can replace the hard work and dedication that are required of each individual who wishes to lose weight.

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